Washi Film A 12 135-36

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Washi Film A is an orthochromatic black-and-white film used as a protective leader during the reproduction process of motion picture films. The leader has been sensitised for photographic purposes and offers a very fine grain and very high contrast. 

Film A has a very low ISO rating of 12 and is very sensitive to overexposure. Exposing this film correctly has a certain learning curve. When shooting outdoor it can easily lead to high-contrast images since the sky can easily be overexposed. For interior shooting, please keep in mind that this film is not very sensitive to tungsten type light, only natural light will give the best results.

The film is hand rolled in recycled cassettes and has no DX code. 

Washi Film


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FabrikantFilm Washi
Verpakking1x Washi Film A 12 135-36
FilmtypeZwart-wit negatief
Formaat / grootte35mm
Aantal opnames per film36
FilmgevoeligheidISO 12
ContrastZeer hoog
KorrelZeer fijn
OntwikkelingIlford Ilfotec LC29, Agfa Rodinal, Kodak D-76, XTOL,...

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Washi Film A 12 135-36