Lomo LC-Wide

Capture your life in wide angle with the world's widest 35mm compact camera with a 17mm ultra-wide-angle lens.

Say hello to the latest innovation in the LOMO legacy, the ultra-talented LC-Wide. Featuring a specially designed 17mm Minigon 1 Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, every photo is taken to the widest extremes. Add a whole new dimension to your Lomographic shots with a choice of 3 different photo formats of like full, square or half-format. With unlimited multiple exposures, auto-exposure settings, lightning-quick focusing and a tripod thread, you're looking at a true analogue superstar.




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€ 348,99 incl. btw

Verpakking1 x Lomo LC-Wide Camera, 1 x Draadontspanner,
KleurZwart met rode accenten
Ingebouwde flitsNee (externe flist verkrijgbaar)
AutofocusZone Focusing
Diafragma'sf4 tot f16 (automatisch)
Sluitertijden∞ tot 1/500 (automatisch)
Aansluiting voor draadontspannerJa
Batterij(en)3 x LR/44-batterij (NIET INBEGREPEN)
Garantie2 jaar

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Lomo LC-Wide

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