JOBO 2520 Multi Tank 2

JOBO 2520 Multi Tank 2

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Reels are not included but are available separately. 

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1 reel 2502

1 film 135

270 ml

1 film 120

170 ml

2 films 120

270 ml

2 reels 2502

2 films 135

270 ml

1 reel 2506n

6 films 6x9 cm

270 ml

6 films 9x12 cm

270 ml

6 films 4x5 inch

270 ml

The JOBO 2500 multi tank system is a versatile processing system that - depending on the reel that is used - can process anything from 35mm film to large format sheet film.

The 2500 system tanks are designed for rotation processing but can also be used for long, stand, or semi-stand processing. With the 2502 reel you can develop one 35mm film or two 120 films (when using the clipping system). The 2509n reel on the other hand is designed to develop up to six sheet films size 6x9 cm / 9x12 cm / 4x5 inch.

All reels are easy to load, do not require any special loaders (when you plan to develop a high number of sheet films, the loader is highly recommended) and offer professional-standard quality, with perfect, even, and repeatable results. 

  • High efficiency; run as few as two sheets of 4x5 film with no waste of chemistry!

  • Modular, interchangeable reel system; run both roll film and sheet film in the same tank.

  • Fast filling and dumping of chemistry.

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1x Jobo 2520 Multi Tank 2

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