Rodenstock Rogonar-S 75mm f/4.5 Vergroterlens

Rodenstock Rogonar-S 75mm f/4.5 Vergroterlens

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Maximaal filmformaat: 6x7 cm.

The Rodenstock Rogonar-S enlarging lens has a relatively simple optical design and comes at an attractive price. As a high-performer, Rogonar-S lenses are it ideal for requirements of demanding amateurs or professional photo labs.

The main application area of the Rogonar-S lenses is the enlargement of negatives in standard formats. The lens which consists out of 4 elements in 3 groups, provides high-quality results with only a low light fall-off relative to the picture margin. Stopping down 2 to 3 stops is recommended for optimal contrast and sharpness in the image corners.

The Rogonar-S is available in several focal lengths for use with different film sizes up to size 6×9 cm. Alle lenses are equipped with a click-stop diaphragm which can be disabled on the models with a focal length from 50 mm to 105 mm for stepless control which is helpful for the use of analyzers or timers with pre-set exposure time modes. All models from a focal length of 50 mm on have an illuminated aperture display and a practical pre-set aperture for fast switching from fully open to the working f-stop.

  • Maximum film format: 6x6cm

  • Focal length: 75mm
  • Scale range: 2-10x

  • Smallest aperture: f/22

  • Largest aperture: f/4.5

  • Filter thread: M 40.5x0.5

  • Screw thread: M39x1/26"

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1x Rodenstock Rogonar-S 75mm f/4.5 Vergroterlens
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