Moersch Eco Filmontwikkelaar - 750ml (500ml+250ml)

Moersch Eco Filmontwikkelaar - 750ml (500ml+250ml)

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Moersch Eco is an eco-friendly film developer and free from dangerous substances. It delivers high contour sharpness, fine grain up to ISO 200 and accentuates the grain with higher ISO films.

It is delivered as a two-part developer concentrate to make a one-shot film developer. Part A is the developer concentrate, part B is the activator. The developer solution should be mixed at a ratio of 1+1+50 with (demineralized) water for most films. The working solution will stay good for a couple of days, but for best results we recommend mixing only as much working solution as is needed for immediate use. The developer can also be used as a paper developer with a dilution between 1+2+20 and 1+1+25.

Shelf life of the concentrate: guaranteed minimum shelf life of Solution A is two years; solution B will last practically forever. For precise measuring of small amounts, pipettes are included. The Pipette adapter is pressed into the bottle neck. With the pipette attached, the bottle is then turned and the required amount of chemical is pulled into the pipette. To avoid mixing up the pipettes and contaminating the developer concentrates, the pipettes can be left on the bottles. The adapter allows the bottle to seal tightly even with the pipette in place. To measure larger amounts of chemicals into a measuring beaker, just remove the pipette. The adapter should stay on the bottle.


1x Moersch Eco Filmontwikkelaar - 750ml (500ml+250ml)
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