Rollei RPX-D Developer - 250ml Bekijk groter

Rollei RPX-D Film Developer - 250ml

Samen met Rollei RPX 400 zwart-wit film een ideale combinatie!

Rollei RPX-D is a new type of black and white film developer. RPX-D has been specially designed for Rollei RPX 400. It uses the nominal sensitivity of Rollei RPX 400 perfectly. RPX-D yields high acutance and excellent detail reproduction. RPX-D also yields high quality results when pushing. It even copes well with sensitivities of 800 and 1.600 ASA, with no visible change in the tonal value.

The recommended times and dilutions are:

4001+1120 °C / 68 °F11
8001+722 °C / 71.6 °F13
16001+524 °C / 75.2 °F14
32001+425° C / 77 °F15



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Verpakking1 x Rollei RPX-D filmontwikkelaar 250ML

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Rollei RPX-D Film Developer - 250ml

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