Adox ADOTECH II - 100ml Bekijk groter

Adox ADOTECH II - 100ml

Specifieke filmontwikkelaar voor het ontwikkelen van 5 tot 6 Adox CMS 20 Type II Films.

Special developer for developing the CMS 20 rollfilms with normal gray values. This is a new and improved formultaion that produces better gray tones in the highlights when compared to the original ADOTECH. The contrast curve is more linear. The CMS 20 has - with the new ADOTECH II - nearly the same contrast curve as a normal B/W film. In ADOTECH II you can now develop 5 films per bottle of developer.

ATTENTION: This developer is for use with the CMS 20 Type II films or films having the description "For pictorial use in combination with ADOTECH II developer" printed on. All CMS 20 35mm films with the inscription: "For pictorial use in combination with ADOTECH developer" should be developed in the original ADOTECH I developer! 
In case you don´t have any ADOTECH I developer left, use the time/temperature combination for 20 ASA from ADOTECH II

Dilution 1+14 to make 1500ml of working solution.



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Verpakking1 x Adox Adotech II Filmontwikkelaar 100ml

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Adox ADOTECH II - 100ml