Compard WAC Wetting Agent (Agfa Agepon) - 120ml

Wetting Agent op basis van de originele chemische formule Agfa Agepon! 

Compard WAC Wetting Agent is a concentrated wetting agent for films and paper. WAC Wetting Agent reduces the drying time and increases the glossiness of papers. By uniformly draining the water from the paper with no droplets, stains or streaking, the drying time is reduced. This "lotus effect" is particularly important when developing negatives because the water residue does not have to be removed from the paper, minimizing the risk of damage to the negatives. Dilution: 1 + 200 Yield: 12 - 25 films.



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Verpakking1 x Compard WAC Wetting Agent 120ml

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Compard WAC Wetting Agent (Agfa Agepon) - 120ml