Moersch ECO 4812 papierontwikkelaar - 1L

Moersch ECO 4812 papierontwikkelaar - 1L

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State of the ART of 2007.

After 20 years of experience with the creation of developers it is time to break new grounds. Modesty and self-effacement are inappropriate. While others beat the drums and blow the horns, a flute would be too silent to be heard:
ECO 4812 original “eau de Hürth” is the best positive developer by Moersch and thus probably the best developer on the planet.

The normal dilution is 1+14.
Development time: 2½ - 3 minutes
If you use the same exposure times in a dilution of 1+10 and develop for only 2 minutes, the contrast will increase.
The density of the base fog and Dmax on glossy fibre base and RC papers: 0.00 – 0.02 / 2.00 – 2.30 depending on the paper used. You can find the highest Dmax and with it the highest contrast range with full separation of the shadows, if you use one of the usual suspects: Ilford MGW and Galery, MCC, but also cheaper alternatives such as Adox Fine Print Classic.

The stock solution has a shelf life of 4 years. When opened and depending on the filling level in the bottle this reduces to approximately 2 years. The working solution has a shelf life of 8 months if stored in a bottle.
The capacity per litre of stock solution is around 400 sheets of 24x30cm paper.
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1 x Moersch ECO 4812 papierontwikkelaar 1 LITER

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