10,5x14,8 cm - LUSTER - 100 VELLEN - Prestige RC1 Bekijk groter

10,5x14,8 cm - LUSTER - 100 VELLEN - Prestige RC1

BERGGER PRESTIGE RC 1 is a black and white enlarging paper coated on a RC base. It is a high quality neutral tone pape that can be used in trays or machines.

Contrast is managed by colored filter used in the enlarger. The contrast range is comprised between grade 00 and 5. Ilford Multigrade or Kodak Polycontrast filters are perfectly adapted to this paper, as well as multigrade enlarger heads or color enlarger heads.

This paper was designed to be used with tungsten or halogen lightsources. If the paper is used with other lightsources, contrast has to be adapted. With Ilford Multigrade filters, grades from 00 to 3 have the same speed (ISO P250) but grade 3,5 to 5 need double exposure. When no filter is used, the paper is grade 2 and speed is ISO P 640.

An inactinic safety light type KODAK OC or Ilford 902 is recommended. Red inactiniq light can also be used. The distance between paper and light must be over one meter.





€ 25,95 incl. btw

PapierdragerResin-Coated (RC)
Papierformaat (cm)10,5 x 14,8 cm
Papierformaat (inch)4 x 6 inch
Aantal vellen100

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10,5x14,8 cm - LUSTER - 100 VELLEN - Prestige RC1