Domke Film Guard Bag (X-Ray) - Large

Domke Film Guard Bag (X-Ray) - Large

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De large-versie van de Domke Film Guard Bag heeft een capaciteit van ongeveer 35-40 35mm films, 50-60 120 rolfilms, 3 doosjes 50-vel 4x5" sheet film of 10 doosjes 10-vel 4x5" sheet film.

The Domke Film Guard Bags protect your film your undeveloped film from the streaking and fogging caused by exposure to harmful x-rays during airport security and customs checks. Unlike the (discontinued) Hansa X-Ray bags these bags are made to last a lifetime and are reusable.

The Film Guard Bags can protect all types of unprocessed analog film including sheet films, cassette films (35mm) and roll films (120/127/220). It protects film against low-dosage x-ray machines that are used to check carry-on luggage at airports around the world. It is not intended for use in checked luggage, which is exposed to much higher doses of x-rays. So it's always a good idea to first store film in a Film Guard Bag and then pack them in your carry-on luggage, rather than checked luggage. Please be aware that in some countries airports have installed new CT scanners to screen hand luggage. These scanners are more powerful than the conventional x-ray scanners used until today and will also damage you film. In such case we strongly advise to ask for a manual check of your luggage. For a more detailed explanation we refer to the document Kodak has published on this mater: "Storage and Care of Kodak Photographic Materials".

The Film Guard Bags are designed in such way that it offers maximum protection against low-dosage X-Ray canners. It has a rugged, three-layer construction, starting with an outer shell of water-resistant ballistic nylon. In the middle, a lead-impregnated vinyl sheet provides x-ray protection. The interior is lined with smooth, 420 Denier nylon packcloth. With their full-length hook and loop closures, Film Guard Bags also protect your film from dust and weather. When not in use, Film Guard Bags can be stored flat or used as a protective wrap around equipment. Film Guard Bags were tested for effectiveness by InVision Technologies, Inc., manufacturers of the only Federal Aviation Administration-approved checked-luggage scanning system in the USA. Films with a nominal film speed up to ISO 800 were tested. The extensive tests showed that the FilmGuard design will protect film from the low-dosage X-Ray units used to check carry-on luggage. The tests also showed that the amount of lead needed to protect film from high-dosage X-Ray units would make the bags too heavy to be practical.

Main features:

  • Protect against fogging/streaking of unprocessed film

  • Durable, triple-layer construction

  • Water-resistant ballistic nylon outer shell

  • Lead-impregnated vinyl sheet Smooth, 420 Denier nylon packcloth interior

  • Large hook and loop closure protects contents from dirt and weather

  • Tested by InVision Technologies, makers of the only FAA-approved luggage scanning system

  • Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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1x Domke Film Guard Bag (X-Ray) - Large

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