Washi D Wegwerpcamera / 36 opnames Bekijk groter

Washi D Wegwerpcamera / 36 opnames

Wegwerpcamera met Washi Film D goed voor 36 opnames!

Washi Film "D" is a panchromatic black & white film dedicated to aerial surveillance. Its unusually thin polyester base is however compatible with usual developping process.

"D" gives also good results when process as black & white slide, and is therefore an interresting alternative to Agfa Scala! The film is hand rolled in recycled cassettes and has no DX code. 

Washi Film


€ 12,00 incl. btw

Verpakking1x Washi Film D Wegwerpcamera
FilmtypeWashi D (zwart-wit)
Aantal opnames per film36
Filmgevoeligheid400 ASA

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Washi D Wegwerpcamera / 36 opnames

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