Moersch Lith Omega (Ω) Kit

Moersch Lith Omega (Ω) Kit

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Complete kit for the two bath lith development process with Moersch Lith Ω. Lith Ω is used as a second bath after lith development to increase the colors and densities of warmtone photographic papers. With treatment in Lith Ω it is possible to achieve intensive yellow or reddish tones while using relatively short development times in strong lith working solutions. Such tonalities normally require excessive exposure in combination with long times of development in highly diluted developer. Treatment in Lith Ω will evoke intensive colors on warmtone paper with a silver chloride emulsion (such as Fomatone) – the papers that already have a warm tone when used in lith alone.

On bromide silver emulsions and mixed emulsions with a high content of bromide silver you will observe little change in terms of colors, only the densities will increase.

The first developer of the Ω Kit consists of Lith D. Dilute Lith D 1+4 with water and optionally add small amounts to the Lith bath. This will slow down the lith reaction if you are using a lot of exposure to get intensive colors. Avoid development times of less than 90 seconds to ensure reproducibility of your results. Dosage: 10-80% of the amount of Lith A you used.

Fine tuning

The time of development should be between 90 seconds and 4 minutes. If maximum black is reached only later than that, you should either extend exposure or use a stronger developer working solution.

While in the second bath, if the densities increase more than you want already after less than one minute, you have to dilute the intensifying bath more.

If it turns too colorful already after intensifying for less than one minute, you can either add some drops of Lith D (diluted 1+4!) or replace parts of Lith Ω with Lith B.

The intensity of the colors is determined by the treatment time in the intensifying bath and by the amount of developer substance carried from the developing bath to the second bath. By nature, with fiber-based paper there is more developing substance available for the oxidization bath than with RC paper. A surplus of Lith A in the lith developer working solution will result in an increase in colorfulness and densities while in the second bath.

Lith Ω contains ammonium carbonate. To avoid unpleasant odour of the stock solution, the bottle comes with a graduated pipette. The pipette-fitting in the bottle closes the bottleneck completely. This allows you to extract required amounts without having to open the bottle.

Dilution of the lith developer A+B+water: 1+1+10 to 1+1+30.

Dilution of the oxidization bath Ω with water: 1+100 to 1+500.


1x Moersch Lith Omega (Ω) Kit

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