Fuji Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Film Processing Kit - 5L

Fuji Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Film Processing Kit - 5L

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- Made in Belgium -

Kit includes detailed manual!

The Fuji Hunt Chrome 6X Kit (5 Liters) is designed for processing all types of color slide films that are compatible with the E-6 process. The Fujifilm Hunt chemicals are formulated to produce optimum quality in all types of mini-lab film processors that are not engineered to use cartridge replenishers. The chemical components have the same quality as those made for large color processors for development at industrial scale.

The kit is a perfect match for every professional photographer and analog enthusiast who want to process his or hers slide films at the best quality possible. It can be used for tank processing of sheet films or spiral reels in reel tanks for 35mm and 120 films. If you're using a JOBO color processor, then these are the chemicals you are looking for.

The kit contains the following chemicals to prepare 5 liters of each solution:

  • Chrome 6X First Developer

  • Chrome 6X Reversal Bath 2

  • Chrome 6X Colour Developer Part A

  • Chrome 6X Colour Developer Part B

  • Chrome 6X Pre-Bleach 2

  • Chrome 6X Bleach

  • Chrome 6X Fix

  • Chrome 6X Final Rinse

The chemical process consists out of 7 baths where formaldehyde is substituted in Pre-Bleach.

This 5 liter kit is enough to process between 30 and 40 rolls of 35mm film or 120 film.

Regarding the shelf life of the different chemical components, you need to take into account the following rules of thumb:

  • The first developer, reversal bath 2, pre-bleach 2 and colour developers have a shelf life of 6 weeks once they are opened and unused. If make sure that no oxygen is left in the bottle when you close it, the shelf life can be extended to several more weeks. For that we strongly advice to use an anti-oxidizing spray like the well-known protectan of Tetenal.

  • Other components have a shelf life of six months once opened and unused. Again, if you can prevent oxidization of the chemicals their shelf life will greatly improve.

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1x First Developer (1L), 1x Reversal Bath 2 (175ml), 1x Colour Developer Part A (1L), 1x Colour Developer Part B (1L), 1x Pre-Bleach 2 (500ml), 1x Bleach (2.5L), 1x Fix (500ml), 1x Final Rinse (50ml)
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