Bellini ECN-2 Motion Picture Film Home Processing Kit - 1L

Bellini ECN-2 Motion Picture Film Home Processing Kit - 1L

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Kodak Color Motion Picture Films must be developed in the specially designed development process called ECN-2. ECN-2 stands for Eastman Color Negative 2 which is the standard development process for motion picture film introduced by Kodak many years ago now. This process does differ from C-41 both in regards to active chemical developers and an additional step to remove Remjet. For those who are wondering what Remjet is, well, this is a layer of black carbon on the base of the film that acts as a lubricant, an anti-static layer and most importantly an anti-halation layer that prevents the back-scattering of light. When you remove this layer, (orange) halos will form around bright objects like lights, for which CineStill films are so beloved for.

Until now ECN-2 chemistry was only available in industrial-size quantities and is in general hard to get. However, the Italian photo chemistry manufacturer Bellini saw the opportunity to bring smaller kits on the market that are meant for home or amateur processing. Because of the succes of the 3-liter kits, they now also introduced an affordable 1-liter kit for home use.

This 1-liter home processing kit includes all chemicals you need to do a full ECN-2 development of color motion picture films or photographic still films which are based on such film stocks like CineStill 50D and 800T.

Be aware that this home processing kit also requires to remove the Remjet layer from the film entirely. The included pre-bath concentrate helps you to remove this layer by making it loose from the film's substrate while doing continuous agitation of the development tank. After treatment it is important to wash the film thoroughly with running water to wash away the Remjet layer left-overs. Before using the final stabilizer bath, it is recommended to repeat this washing sequence (only with running water) to remove smaller left-overs.


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