Philips PF-607 - 250W / Photocrescenta Vergroterlamp

Philips PF-607 - 250W / Photocrescenta Vergroterlamp

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Philips Photocrescenta lamps are especially made for use with B&W photo enlargers. They have an internal white coating, which emits diffused, very uniform light at high luminous output. Max. permissible base temperature is 250 °C. The burning position of Photocrescenta lamps is universal.

  • Lamp wattage: 250W

  • Lamp voltage: 240V

  • Cap/base: E27

  • Finish: internal white

  • Lumen output: 6500lm

  • Colour temperature: 3000k

  • Lamp life (50%): 3h


1x Philips PF-607 - 250W

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