Bergger BerSpeed Filmontwikkelaar - 1L

Bergger BerSpeed Filmontwikkelaar - 1L

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Bergger BerSpeed is a high energy, fine grain powder film developer which allows you to greatly increase the sensitivity of a black-and-white film during the development process. BerSpeed effectively increases the film speed of almost every existing black-and-white film by one stop without burning the highlights and while retaining full shadow detail.

BerSpeed can also be used at the nominal sensitivity of the film and will deliver excellent negatives with full shadow detail and excellent brightness. 

Despite the fact that that BerSpeed was specifically formulated for use with the Bergger Pancro 400 black-and-white films, Bergspeed can also be used with black-and-white films from other well known film brands. The end results with their typical fine grain, even when pushed, keep to impress regardless of the film used (classic or T-Grain emulsion).

Bergger BerSpeed is a good alternative for the discontinued BKA Acufine Film Developer.

Dilution: 1:1.



1x Bergger BerSpeed Filmontwikkelaar - 1L
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