Adox Adotech IV Filmontwikkelaar - 100ml

Adox Adotech IV Filmontwikkelaar - 100ml

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Special film developer needed for processing Adox CMS 20 II ultra-high-resolution black-and-white films.

Adotech IV significantly improves greyscale reproduction in the highlights compared to the previous iteration of the Adotech film developer. The curve was linearized. When developing CMS 20 II in Adotech IV the film now shows about the same curve as a normal black-and-white film.

Adotech IV developer shows enhanced longevity and can be treated like any other film developer, making the prior hassle of filling up the bottle with water after every partial withdrawel unnecessary. The new developer has also a significantly improved stability to prevent uneven development in larger homogeneous grey areas. This, in the past, immanent challenge in high resolution procedures has been eliminated to a great extend. 

Adotech IV yields a yet improved tonal separation as well as significantly improved shadow details. The usable ISO of 20 to 25 are now even closer to a true ISO 20 film speed. 

All CMS 20 films that have been for sale since 2011 can be processed with the new Adotech IV developer. Please be aware of new developing times and diluting properties on each bottle! With a recommended dilution of 1+14 you will get 1.500 ml of working solution. This is enough to process up to 6 CMS 20 films (35mm of 120). 

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1x Adox Adotech IV Filmontwikkelaar - 100ml
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