Bellini (Kodak) D96 Filmontwikkelaar - 1L

Bellini (Kodak) D96 Filmontwikkelaar - 1L

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Today there are several black-and-white negative films on the market that are based on black-and-white motion picture stocks. This gives photographers finally the ability to experiment with these film stocks for normal still photography. The most well-known motion picture film which can be put in this category is Kodak Double-X (= CineStill BwXX, Camera Film Photo Double X, Silberra 52XX). Kodak developed a proprietary film developer for this motion picture film stock, called Kodak D96. Until today this developer was only available in industrial-sized quantities. Luckily the Italian photo chemistry manufacturer Bellini is able to offer this developer in smaller bottels of 1 liter for personal use. This makes we can now finally unlock the full potential of these black-and-white movie film stocks! Yeey!

Bellini D96 is a low-contrast film developer. Contrast can be controlled by using different development times, increasing the development time will result in added contrast. It's that simple. It is recommended to not dilute the developer and to only use it as a stock solution. It can of course be re-used when stored properly. When the developer is exhausted it will show a fall in contrast productivity. We recommended to use airtight storage bottles and an anti-oxidizing spray like Tetenal Protectan to get maximum shelf life.

Performs best in combination with the following films: CineStill BwXX, CFP Double-X, Orwo UN54, Orwo N74 and Ferrania P30.

It is recommended to use this developer with the accompanying fixer/hardener, Bellini FX5 which is similar to Kodak F-5.


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1x Bellini (Kodak) D96 Filmontwikkelaar - 1L

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