Ars-Imago MB Monobath B&W Developer-Fix - 2x500ml

Ars-Imago MB Monobath B&W Developer-Fix - 2x500ml

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Ars-Imago MB Monobath is a highly concentrated all-in-one film developer that can be used with every standard cubic-grain black-and-white negative film on the market today. This unique liquid solution develops and fixes the film at the same time with only one bath. Developed negatives have medium-to-high contrast with a nicely balanced tone scale. MB Monobath is a convenient, fast and effective solution to develop and fix black-and-white films at the same time with only one chemical bath. It's therefore ideal for starters or for those who want to develop B&W film in a quick way.

Unlike the monobath from CineStill, Ars-Imago MB gets delivered in two separate concentrates which have to be mixed. Simply mix Part A with Part B to prepare the working solution which can be reused several times within a time frame of two months if stocked properly. The stock solution can also be diluted at ratio 1:1 and be used as one-shot developer.

The best results are achieved with standard cubic-grain films like Ilford HP5, FP4, Kodak Tri-X, Rollei RPX, Fomapan and Kentmere. It is not recommended to use the monobath in combination with T-Grain films like Kodak T-MAX or Ilford Delta. 

Preparation and Developing Time:

  • Stock A+B: Mix Part A and Part B 1+1 to obtain the working stock solution. It can be reused several times in two weeks (guaranteed). The recommended developing time is 8 minutes with the standard agitation of 10 seconds every minute. 

  • Diluted 2+1+1: Mix the stock solution with the same quantity of water to obtain a diluted solution 1+1 (2 parts of water, 1 part A and 1 part B). When diluted such way the monobath has to be used as one-shot developer and has to be discarded afterwards. The recommended developing time is 10 minutes with the standard agitation of 10 seconds every minute.

After the development rinse the film for at least 10 minutes.

Temperature: The temperature doesn't influence a lot the actual development but it has to be between 20° and 25° degrees Celcius.

Agitation: continuous for the first 30 seconds, then 10 seconds every minute. 

Capacity: with the stock solution, you can develop up to 15 films over two months. During this time frame, the solution will change color and a residue will appear at the bottom of the bottle. If you avoid pouring it into the tank, it will not affect the result and effectiveness of the developer. It is likely that the stock solution’s capacity and duration are greater than the one given by the manufacturer.


1x Ars-Imago MB Monobath B&W Developer-Fix - 2x500ml

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