Adox Adofix Plus Fixeer - 1L

Adox Adofix Plus Fixeer - 1L

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Universal fixer for all B&W photomaterials, based on the original recipe of Agfa Agefix but more complex than the standard Adofix. Especially the buffering system contains more substances which makes Adofix Plus last longer in the open tray and gives it a bit of extra capacity.

High capacity express-fixer with maximum capacity for black and white photo papers (RC and fibre), films and photographic plates.

Suitable for the use in machines and trays.

With one liter of concentrate you can make up to 10 liters of working solution.

Dilution 1+4 until 1+9.
Capacity: 1,4-2 sqm photopaper or 6-9 Films per Liter of working solution at 1+9
Total capacity: 90 films or 450 sheets 18×24 cm photopaper per liter of conc.

Fixing time for films: 4 minutes
Fixing time for papers: 1 minute 

ADOX is offering you a variety of confectioning sizes so you can order in sizes matching your workflow:

  • 100 ml for aprox. 10 films or 2 sqm of papers

  • 500 ml for aprox. 50 films or 10 sqm of paper

  • 1.000 ml for aprox. 100 films or 20 sqm of paper

  • 5.000 ml for aprox. 500 films or 100 sqm of paper

General recommendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years. After opening the concentrate shall be used up within about 3 months.
I case of flockulation or sulfuric fumes the fixer cannot be used anymore.


1x Adox Adofix Plus - 1 Liter
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