Moersch MT20 Carbon Toner Kit - (100ml Toner / 100ml Bleach)

Moersch MT20 Carbon Toner Kit - (100ml Toner / 100ml Bleach)

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Moersch MT2 is a direct carbon toner for warmtone black-and-white photographic papers with a high silver chloride concentration. Neutral- and coldtone papers can be toned indirectly after bleaching.

The included bleacher can be diluted between 1+10 and 1+50. If you only want to tone the highlights, lower dilutions allow you higher control over the toning process. To achieve clear whites it is essential to carefully fix the print before toning. When toning indirectly, rinse the print thoroughly before bleaching. If you use your working solution only for direct toning, rinsing for 5 minutes after an alkaline fixer and for 10 minutes after an acetic acid fixer is sufficient.

The image tone can be adjusted by altering either the dilution or toning time. Toning for short durations in dilutions of 1+30 and higher, the will increase maximum blacks and will make the image tone turn colder. As toning progresses further, the initial image tone first changes to a colder brown and then slowly shifts towards warm brown and red brown tone. If you want a continuous brown black image tone, you have to choose a dilution between 1+100 and 1+200. If you want intensive red-yellow highlights, you can bleach them a little bit before you start toning. Even if your bleacher is highly diluted, times between 15 and 30 seconds can already be sufficient.

In a completely filled storage container, the working solution has a shelf life of a couple of weeks for a dilution of 1+10 and a couple of days for a dilution of 1+200. If you prepare the working solution with distilled water instead of tap water you increase its shelf life significantly.

100ml toner and bleach.


1x Moersch MT2 Carbon Toner - 100ml, 1x Bleach - 100ml
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