Moersch MT3 Vario Sulphide Toner Kit - (100ml Toner / 100ml Bleach)

Moersch MT3 Vario Sulphide Toner Kit - (100ml Toner / 100ml Bleach)

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The Moersch MT3 Vario Sulphide Toner is an odorless thiourea toner for indirect sulphur toning. You can alter the ratio between toner and activator. By doing so and by bleaching to varying degrees, it is possible to achieve image tones ranging from bright yellow via gold-ochre to red-brown.

It is important to thoroughly rinse the print before you start bleaching. How long you have to bleach depends on the paper you use, the image tone desired and the dilution of the bleach bath.

If you don’t want to bleach the print completely to retain the deepness of the shadows, you have to dilute it to at least 1+20 to allow control of the bleaching process. This should result in bleaching times of between 20 seconds and 3-4 minutes. Before toning you have to rinse the print until the yellow cast has completely vanished. A highly diluted bleacher (1+30 and higher) can be removed a lot quicker from the gelatine than less diluted bleacher solutions (1+10).

The bleach stock has an almost unlimited shelf life. If the toner starts getting exhausted, you can replenish it further with stock solution.

Toning of the bleached areas is completed after 20 to 30 seconds. It is possible to use only parts of all stock solutions. Even after opening they are good for years. If you prefer yellow-brown or deep brown image tones, you need varying amounts of toner and activator. For that reason all stock solutions are available individually.


Toner stock solution: 100ml plus 250ml of activator to control the image tone to make 1-2 litres of working solution.

Bleach stock solution: 100ml to make 1-4 litres of working solution.


1x Moersch MT3 Vario Sulphide Toner - 100ml, 1x Moersch Bleach - 100ml, 1x 250ml Activator
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