Lomography Lady Gray B&W 400 120 / 3-pack

Lomography Lady Gray B&W 400 120 / 3-pack

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If you're looking for an excellent 120 B&W film, Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 delivers stunning tones and smooth grain.

Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 120 is the perfect film to use if you’re looking for high-resolution, monochromatic fun. This lady promises smooth grain, stunning tones and all the speed you need to shoot even under unfavorable lighting conditions. This ISO 400 film adds class and elegance to your photos and is perfect for capturing action and great low-light shots.

Pack of three rolls.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Lomography Lady Gray B&W 400 120 / 3-pack
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
120 Film
Number of exposures
6x4.5: 16 exposures; 6x6: 12 exposures; 6x7: 10 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 400
Classic grain
Ilford ID-11, Microphen, Kodak HC-110, D-76, XTOL,...

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