Rollei RPX 100 120

Rollei RPX 100 120

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Rollei RPX 100 is a traditional medium-speed black and white negative film made by Harman (Ilford) for Rollei and therefore based on a Kentmere emulsion. Despite the fact that the origin of the emulsion isn't that spectacular, RPX 100 has surprised many black-and-white photographers with its broad tonal range, wide exposure latitude and typical grain. 

Rollei RPX 100 can be developed in nearly every black-and-white developer in the market but shows its true character when developed in Agfa Rodinal.

RPX 100 is suitable for numerous applications including portrait and landscape photography, architecture and product photography.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Rollei RPX 100 120
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
120 Film
Number of exposures
6x4.5: 16 exposures; 6x6: 12 exposures; 6x7: 10 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 100
Classic grain
Agfa Rodinal, Kodak D-76, Ilford ID-11,...

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