Washi Film V 100 120

Washi Film V 100 120

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We strongly advise to read this guide before using this film!

Washi Film V is a new panchromatic black-and-white film hand coated on Japanese Gampi paper which is on itself handmade by the Awagami Factory in Japan. Gampi paper is characterised by a high transparence and a soft texture which results in a wide exposure lattitude.

Since Washi Film V is sensitive to all colors, this film is a great choice to shoot landscapes with a unique pictorial effect, but it is also suitable for portraits and other still objects.

Being coated with a real film emulsion, "V" has a nominal sensitivity of 100 iso but can be pushed or pulled by 2 stops, like any other classic film.

The video below shows how to process this film

Product features

Film Washi
Package contents
1x Washi Film V 100 120
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
120 Film
Number of exposures
6x4.5: 16 exposures; 6x6: 12 exposures; 6x7: 10 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 100
Classic grain
Ilford LC-29, Kodak D-76, Agfa Rodinal,...

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