Adox Silvermax 100 135-36

Adox Silvermax 100 135-36

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Adox Silvermax 100 is a medium-speed black-and-white negative film with a nominal film speed of ISO 100/21°. Compared to the more regular black-and-white films, Silvermax has a significantly higher silver content (up to 30%) which results in deeper shadows and more detailed highlights. It also delivers extremely sharp negatives, comparable to flat crystal black-and-white films.

The high silver content leads to a high film density which allows the film to capture details in a wide exposure range when the film is developed in the dedicated Adox Silvermax Film Developer. Silvermax is also incredibly sharp due to the anti-halation layer between the film's emulsion and its base. The contrast detail also benefits from this technology and was developed by Adox in the 1950's.

A DMAX of >3,0 is achieved when the film is reversal developed as a slide film in the Agfa-Scala development process. Silvermax can thus be developed as a black-and-white negative or slide film.

Adox Silvermax can be developed in nearly any film developer with good results. The dedicated Silvermax developer is formulated to fit perfectly and tweak the dynamics of the film beyond a regular level. So when using the Silvermax developer you get something extra which you might not see with a more conventional film developer. In conventional developers results will be close to those achievable with Agfa APX 100 (old version).


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Product features

Package contents
1x Adox Silvermax 100 135-36
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
35mm Film
Number of exposures
36 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 100
Very fine grain
Adox Silvermax, Adonal, Kodak D-76, XTOL,...

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