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    • An all-round general purpose, high-performance, high speed color negative film delivering truly fine-grain. Superb for snapshots or action, in low light with flash, outdoors or indoors. Ideal for general use with compact zoom lens cameras.Excellent skin tones. For beautiful, clear...

      € 4,99
    • Professional-quality, high-speed, daylight-type, fine-grain, color negative film, incorporating Fujifilm's proprietary 4th color layer. Suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential. Provides wide exposure latitude from...

      € 7,99
    • A multi-purpose color negative film, with fine grain and outstanding color and sharpness. Ideal for fast-action sports, non-flash stage photography, and general use with compact zoom lens cameras.High-speed versatility. Excellent results under a wide variety of shooting conditions....

      € 11,90
    • The fastest multi-purpose color negative film in the SUPERIA line. The ultrahigh speed of this film makes it perfect for compact zoom lens cameras, and it offers remarkable results in flash photography under low light conditions.Super high-speed versatility. Amazing results even in the most...

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    • Fujifilm Fuijicolor Industrial 100 is a 35mm colour film that can only be found in Japan. The industrial films are similar to the (partly) discontinued Superia X-tra line of films but with smoother tones.  This version has a nominal film speed of ISO 100 and delivers a fine grain. It works...

      € 5,95
    • 10 rolls of Fujificolor C200 films with 36 exposures each (fresh stock). Fujicolor C200 is a medium-speed color negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24°. C200 is a universal film for a variety of applications. It is designed for flexibility and ease of use and works equally well...

      € 27,95
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