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    • The world’s finest-grained 100-speed black-and-white film, T-MAX 100 lets you explore the extremes of image quality and enlargement with nearly invisible grain. And its high resolving power and incredible sharpness satisfy even the most detail-obsessed artist. Kodak T-MAX 100 Film ⁄ 100TMX is a...

      € 39,95
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      Kodak T-MAX 400 Film, is the sharpest 400-speed black-and-white film in the world, in addition to being the finest-grained. The Kodak T-Grain Emulsion of this high-speed, highly detailed film gives you all the power you need to expose the true purity of your environment. Kodak T-MAX 400 Film ⁄...

      € 36,50
    • Kodak Tri-X is the world's best selling black-and-white film. A true classic which offers you unlimited freedom in terms of exposure. The wide exposure latitude lets the analog photographer overcome even the most challenging lighting situations. The distinctive grain structure adds a level of...

      € 43,95
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