Analogbook Darkroom Processing - Notebook for film development

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For recording 220 development processes. Size: 140 mm x 192 mm (5.5 x 7.6 inch).

Analogbook is the analog photographer's notebook!

Analogbook is a set of specially designed notebooks made specifically for (professional) analog photographers, artists, and photography students. A combination of the words "Analog" and "Logbook", as they are a useful resource and celebration for all of those choosing to shoot film. After a successful kickstarter campaign a few years ago, analogbook is now also available online and at selected specialists in analog photography.

For anyone regularly employing analog photography and traditional darkroom printing, or just exploring it for the first time, analogbooks provide the ability to easily record every piece of relevant photographic data. They help the professional archive a plethora of information that they can come back to at any time; whether it be navigating a long-term photographic project, or making a reprint in the darkroom that much simpler. They can help the photography student quickly learn the foundations of the craft, enabling technical self-assessment and a more efficient photographic practice. Analogbooks also provide photography instructors with clear information about the student's work in the field, studio and the lab, facilitating accurate evaluation of their technique and strengthening participation.

Analogbook Darkroom Processing is specifically designed for those who want to accurately record and improve their film development process and allows you to capture every important detail of a particular development process such as film type, film developer used, temperatures, dilution ratios, development times,... This notebook contains 48 numbered pages and makes it possible to register 220 individual processes. The inside cover also contains valuable tips, graphs and tables, with several spaces where you can also make your own notes. For free notes, each notebook also contains an extra number of blank pages where you can add extra notes, drawings, diagrams and more as you wish.

Additional features:

  • The back cover of each notebook doubles as an 18% reflectance gray card, helping you achieve accurate light meter readings;

  • The waterproof cover of the notebook is made of the robust Rite in the Rain all-weather 175# tag paper (285 gsm);

  • Each notebook is printed on FSC-certified and high recycled content paper, Neenah Environment 24# writing paper (90 gsm).

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