Tetenal Graphic Arts Film Cleaner - 1L

Tetenal Graphic Arts Film Cleaner - 1L

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With the Tetenal Graphic Arts Film Cleaner you can clean your film negatives (black and white or color regardless of size) efficiently and effectively without causing any damage. Ideal for removing fingerprints, sticky residues,... The concentrate has a neutral effect on the various film layers and is also antistatic. The Graphic Arts Film Cleaner is ideal for those who want to clean a large(er) amount of negatives. For smaller quantities, we recommend Tetenal's Film Cleaner Spray.

Use of this film cleaner is twofold. The first option is in combination with a clean soft cloth (specific Tetenal cleaning cloth is available separately) to apply the liquid to the negative. Then gently rub the cloth over the negative to clean it. The second option is to use the film cleaner as a cleaning bath in which a small amount of liquid can be poured into, for example a development tray, and then a series of negatives can be cleaned.



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1x Tetenal Graphic Arts Film Cleaner - 1L

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