Kenro Negative Storage Pages 35mm Film 7x6 - Glassine - 100 pcs

Kenro Negative Storage Pages 35mm Film 7x6 - Glassine - 100 pcs

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For several years now, the negative storage pages of the British Kenro have been the best solution for the long-term storage of film negatives. Unlike many other archiving solutions on the market, these negative files are of professional quality and allow you to keep your precious negatives for many years without worries.

The negative storage pages are made of pH-neutral, translucent glassine paper. The perforated side of the sheet is always strongly reinforced, which prevents possible damage when leafing through the different negative files in the ring binder. The different negative strips of the sheet are marked with black markings which accelerates and facilitates the insertion of the negatives.

These negative sheets are suitable for storing 35mm film (24x36mm). Each sheet holds 7 film strips of 6 shots. Please note that the sheets are wider than a standard A4 sheet and a normal A4 ring binder is therefore not suitable for optimal storage of these negative files. We therefore recommend to always use the negative files in combination with the Kenro ring binder which was especially made for storing these pages. The ring binder is available with or without cover. We therefore offer these negative storage pages and the accompanying ring binder in a special combo at a smaller price.

The packaging contains 100 negative storage pages.


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1x Kenro Negative Storage Pages 35mm Film 7x6 - Glassine - 100 pcs
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120 Film
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