Tetenal Camera Varnish Spray (Kameralack) / Black - 200ml

Tetenal Camera Varnish Spray (Kameralack) / Black - 200ml

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- Important notice for our international customers: this item cannot be shipped overseas by airfreight since this product is classified as hazardous by IATA-DGR safety regulations. -

The Tetenal Camera Varnish Spray (Kameralack) is a deep matte micro pigmented special purpose varnish, perfect for touching up cameras, lenses, optical devices and other photographic items with a matte finish. It allows you to remove traces of use on (black) camera bodies/lenses and improve the cosmetic condition of your camera.

Before the spray is used it is very important that the surface to be treated is totally dry and free from grease. Shake the can well before use as color pigments and matting agents may settle in the can if it has been stored for a longer period. The small steel balls contained inside the can increases the distribution of the pigments upon shaking. To keep the spray valve clean after use, ensure you turn the can upside down after use and spray until only gas comes out.

Tetenal Kameralack contains a flammable solvent mixture so please pay attention when using this product and keep it away from sources of ignition/naked flames. The varnish also has a strong smell so only use the spray in well-ventilated areas!

Please note that Tetenal Camera Varnish is not scratch-proof and not resistant to water!

Most important properties:

  • Color: black, deep matte

  • Application: 140-150ml/m2

  • Drying: touch dry after 10-15 minutes - completely dry after +- 12 hours

  • Heat resistance: up to max. 120 °C

  • Light absorption: > 95 %

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1x Tetenal Camera Varnish Spray (Kameralack) / Black - 200ml

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