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KEKS EM-01 Light Meter - Silver

KEKS EM-01 Light Meter - Silver

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This is the latest version of the EM-01 unit (2021) with plastic adapters. Version 2021 has received a facelift, with improved light measurement accuracy and improved build quality. The latest light meters come with a flat glass sensor cover for a sleek look. The new model also has a modified housing with improved placement of the control buttons and better click feel. As before, the aluminum adapters are still available separately.

The KEKS EM-01 is a compact, robust and functionally interesting light meter that fits on the flash shoe-mount of nearly every analog camera on the market.

The friend of every analog camera

This light meter module offers analog photographers an elegant solution if their favorite camera does not have a built-in light meter such as the legendary Leica M4-P and the Mamiya RZ-67. It is therefore no longer necessary to carry a separate light meter. The KEKS EM-01 is simply attached on the camera by using the hot or cold (flash) shoe. Since nearly every analog camera is fitted with some sort of flash shoe, the light meter can be used with nearly every type of camera: TLR, SLR, rangefinder or medium format camera. The mount of the EM-01 is adjustable. By unscrewing the mount you are able to attach larger or smaller mounts (3 mounts included), as well as position the mount in the center or to the side of the bottom of the meter (3 positions).

Built to last

The KEKS EM-01 has an aluminium body design, which also includes the bottom plate and functional buttons. Two 904L steel bolts are used to connect the bottom plate to the module's body. This makes the KEKS light meter more solid and practical. After numerous tests, KEKS decided to use a plastic shoe mount in order to prevent scratching and damaging of the camera body.

Works on its own

The KEKS EM-01 light meter is a independent working device which is powered by a built-in chargeable battery. The long battery life allows you continuously metering for over 20 hours.

High-accuracy light metering

The heart of the EM-01 contains a digital (16-bit) Vishay VEML7700 high-accuracy ambient light resolution sensor. Compared to the more traditional analog sensors, the EM-01 light meter gives a higher accuracy and a better reliability. The 30º metering angle gives a good balance between average and selective metering.

Easy to use

The EM-01 light meter is operated with the four functional buttons on the top of the module. The aluminium top plate features 4 buttons to control the aperture and shutter speed. To set the film speed, hold down the metering button (the one on the back of the unit next to the screen) and then press the aperture adjustment buttons up or down to change the ISO setting. ​The OLED display on the back of the module shows the currently set ISO-value, as well as the scene’s exposure value (EV), and a lux reading. Next to this it also displays the shutter speed and aperture, set by the user. The display is bright and vibrant which makes it functional in all light situations even in direct sunlight. The display also features a battery status indicator which flashes when the battery is almost empty.

Technical details

  • Materials - aluminium body, steel screws and plastic mount

  • Metering - 30° average metering (reflected light)

  • Modes - aperture- or shutter-priority

  • Aperture range - f/1.0 to f/64; 1/3 stop increments

  • Shutter speed range - 30 seconds to 1/6400 of a second; 1/3 stop increments

  • ISO range - 50 to 8000; 1/3 stop increments

  • Display - 0.91" OLED

  • Battery - rechargeable 220 mAh - 20 hours continuous metering

  • Charging - 5V/450mA via USB-C

  • Mount - shoe mount, adjustable to size and position

Product features

Package contents
1x KEKS EM-01 Light Meter module, 3x plate of different size, 1x hex wrench

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