Doomo Light Meter D - Black

Doomo Light Meter D - Black

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Latest version 2021.

The Doomo Light Meter D is small shoe-mount light meter for your favorite analog camera. At first glance, the device is immediately reminiscent of the now discontinued VCii Light Meter from Voigtlander due to its two analog dials. Light Meter D is a pure dial-based light meter with a LED indicator and is therefore different to the other alternatives on the market today that come with a digital screen and small buttons to set. Just like your analog camera, Light Meter D can be set quickly using the two big dials on top of the meter giving the exact impression that it is part of your camera. Of course the eye wants something too. The device looks good on any analog camera, especially on rangefinders.

Light Meter D is a reflective-only light meter covering a metering range of EV 1-20. The light meter can be set by the shutter speed dial (1 second to 1/2000th) and aperture dial (f/1.0 to f/22) on top of the unit. There is also a dedicated ISO dial (ISO 25 to 6400) that is underneath the aperture dial and can be set by rotating the top of the dial just like on many analog cameras. The light meter can be used in either aperture priority or shutter priority mode by pushing the meter button to make a reading at a certain aperture or shutter speed and then turn the desired dial until the green LED indicator is lit which indicates a correct exposure. When the red - and + light indicators are lit, this means your under- or overexposing for the current setting.

The Light Meter D has a solid aluminium housing and a metal screw-in foot that can be placed in the center or on the right of the meter unit. The new elastic hot-shoe fits most analog cameras. The meter also comes with an additional plastic foot that can be polished to fit other types of hot-shoes. Light Meter D is powered by a CR1632 battery that is not included but available separately at Retro Camera.

Product features

Package contents
1x Doomo Light Meter D - Black, 1x Metal Foot, 1x Plastic Foot, 1x Screwdriver
Battery / Power Source
1x CR1632 (not included)

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