Negative Supply Basic Riser MK2 Copy Stand

Negative Supply Basic Riser MK2 Copy Stand

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The Negative Supply Basic Riser MK2 is an entry-level model within the copy stands and is suitable for digitizing film negatives with the camera scanning process. Unlike its predecessor, the MK1, the base of the stand is not made of wood but of sturdier and less fragile aluminum. In addition, the MK2 is also 7 cm taller than the MK1 allowing you to digitize larger film sizes and also use longer macro lenses.

While being +- 15 cm shorter than the Pro Riser line, this model works best with roll film formats, but can accommodate up to 4x5" on shorter macro lenses. For professional full frame cameras with longer macro lenses, it is advised to use the Pro Riser MK2. For medium format system cameras the Pro Riser XL is more suitable.

Dimensions: 28.45 x 28.45 x 48.25 cm (maximum height of the stand: 43 cm).


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