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Pixl-latr A4 Stabilizing Mask

Pixl-latr A4 Stabilizing Mask

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Own a Pixl-latr film holder? Then this stabilizing mask as must-have accessory to further improve your scanning workflow! It is designed to accompany the Pixl-latr when used flat on a light source, such as a lightbox or tablet. It is made of an opaque, strong yet flexible material with a textured, high-grip surface.

It has three primary functions:

  1. It masks extraneous light, helping to ensure high quality results.

  2. It further adds to the function of the rubber feet by helping prevent Pixl-latr from slipping on the surface.

  3. It grips strips of roll film either side of Pixl-latr, providing a more stable and less fiddly user experience.

The outer dimensions of the mask are 314 x 220mm – designed to cover light sources up to size A4.

Using the mask is just as simple as using the Pixl-latr itself. Place your Pixl-latr onto your light source, ensuring it is centrally located with the flap for the diffuser in the 12 o’clock position. Once film is loaded, place the Pixl-latr into the central aperture of the A4 mask. The diffuser flap should be lifted and the diffuser located underneath. You can start scanning!

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1x Pixl-latr A4 Stabilizing Mask

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