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Negative Supply Basic Mounted Slide Scanning Kit

Negative Supply Basic Mounted Slide Scanning Kit

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The Negative Supply Basic Mounted Slide Scanning Kit allows you to easily and quickly digitize mounted 35mm slides with your 4x5 Light Source Basic (95 or 99 CRI). This kit includes the Mounted Slide Holder MK2 and the Mounted Slide Holder Stabilization Mask.

Each image passes through guide rails and subsequent slides push out the slide before them as they are slid into place. The Mounted Slide Holder MK2 attaches securely to the included stabilization mask for your Light Source Basic. This now makes it possible to digitize slides in Negative Supply's Basic Kit. Should you invest in one of the Pro tools in the future, the Mounted Slide Holder MK2 can be magnetically attached to the 35mm adapter plate on the Pro Mount MK2.

Mounted Slide Holder MK2 features:

  • Adjustable precision locking screws allow for wider 35mm mounted slide to be easily and quickly scanned

  • Securely and magnetically attaches to the Pro Mount MK2 (or MK1) 

  • Allows quick scanning of mounted slides by pushing one slide through with the following mounted slide

  • Durable carbon fiber construction made in house with state of the art 3D printer technology

  • M4 machined aluminum thumb screws facilitate quick size adjustments for various 35mm slide sizes


Product features

Package contents
1x Negative Supply Mounted Slide Holder MK2 for Mounted 35mm Slides, 1x Mounted Slide Holder Stabilization Mask

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