Kinetronics MiniStat Antistatic Film Cleaner Sheet Film / MS-100

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The Kinetronics MiniStat is a proven, cost-effective cleaning brush for film negatives or slides suitable for use in private darkrooms or scanning set-ups but also in professional minilabs.

It removes dust, lint and static charges in an efficient and effective way. Two antistatic brushes gently clean the negative or slide from both sides simultaneously and remove static charges. The brushes are held in place by a solid steel frame, which can be screwed in place for stationary use but can also be positioned using the enclosed magnets. The brushes can easily be removed for cleaning.

This version includes a brush with a width of 100mm which is ideal for cleaning 35mm and roll film strips and 4x5" sheet films.

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1x Kinetronics MiniStat Antistatic Film Cleaner Sheet Film / MS-100

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