Fujifilm Quicksnap Single Use Camera / 27 exposures

Fujifilm Quicksnap Single Use Camera / 27 exposures

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The Fujifilm Quicksnap Single Use Camera is an easy-to-use disposable film camera for us in both indoor and outdoor shooting situations. The compact camera design incorporates a fixed-focus wide-angle lens and a matching optical viewfinder for making accurate compositions. Additionally, to suit working in low lighting or indoor situations, a built-in flash with a 3-meter range is featured, and offers automatic recharging, continuous flash operation, and manual on/off control.

The camera is loaded with a Superia X-tra 400 35mm color negative film, for bright, vivid results in a variety of lighting conditions. The film allows you to take 27 photos and must be developed in standard C-41 chemistry which allows you to process your camera at every local photo lab who offers color film development.

Despite its small price tag, Quicksnap is a high-quality disposable camera, as you can always expect from Fujifilm.

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1x Fujifilm Quicksnap Single Use Camera / 27 exposures
Number of exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 400

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