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Harman EZ-35 Motorized 35mm Camera + 1x Ilford HP5 135-36

Harman EZ-35 Motorized 35mm Camera + 1x Ilford HP5 135-36

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UK-based Harman, also known as the manufacturer of all Ilford photo products, is once again bringing an affordable and user-friendly 35mm camera to the market. This EZ-35 is also based on the concept of the disposable camera that we all know, but is designed to be reused and for the first time also has a built-in motor. A true point-and-shoot in other words! Unlike the Reusable 35mm camera that Harman previously loading, rewinding, advancing to the next picture and rewinding the film is completely automatic. So loading the camera with a new film is even easier.

The camera has a built-in flash with a 15-second recharge time for use indoors or in more difficult lighting conditions. In addition, the EZ-35 is also equipped with a lens cover that also acts as a shutter lock to prevent you from taking an unwanted picture.

The camera comes with the most popular Ilford 35mm film, namely a roll of HP5 with 36 exposures. But of course it is also possible to use the camera immediately with another 35mm film of your choice. The flash of the EZ-35 is powered by a standard AA battery that is also included in the package. To make the camera easy to carry, Harman has also provided a wrist strap.

The Harman Camera has the following features:

  • Lens: 31mm, f/11, 1 element

  • Focus: 1 to infinity

  • Shutter speed: 1/100s (fixed)

  • Motorized load, frame advance and rewind of film

  • Film format: 135 film (24x36mm)

  • Viewfinder field: 70% coverage

  • Flash : built-in, switch on and off with a slider - 15s charging time

  • Power supply: 1x AA battery Alkaline (included)

  • Wristband included

  • Material: ABS plastic

  • Weight: 126g

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Package contents
1x Harman EZ-35 Motorized 35mm Camera, 1x Ilford HP5 135-36, 1x AA-battery, 1x Wrist Strap

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