Kodak M35 35mm Camera (Reusable) - Mint Green

Kodak M35 35mm Camera (Reusable) - Mint Green

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The Kodak M35 is an analog 35mm camera with the ease of use of the disposable cameras we all know. This point-and-shoot camera is reusable and can be endlessly reloaded with your favorite color or black and white 35mm films.

The M35 has a wide-angle lens with fixed aperture f/10 and shutter speed 1/120s as well as a fixed focus. Images are sharp from a distance of 1 meter. These features make the camera perfect for capturing photos in daylight on film with a sensitivity of ISO 200 to 400. For shooting in low light conditions you can always use the built-in flash, which you can switch on and off with a slider.

The camera runs on 1 AAA battery and is not included.

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1x Kodak M35 35mm Camera (Reusable) - Mint Green
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35mm Film

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