Kaiser Bulk Film Loader

Kaiser Bulk Film Loader

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The Kaiser Bulk Film Loader allows you to load bulk 35mm film into cartridges in daylight without any risks of exposing the film to light. It's the ideal tool for those who shoot many rolls of a particular (all-time favorite) film as loading bulk film is an affordable alternative to the factory-made film cartridges as most of use. It's also suitable for those who want to switch faster between different films or want to take smaller series of photos without going through the full 36-exposure rolls.

The Film Loader is designed for 35mm bulk rolls up to a length of 30,5 m so it can be used with the standard 17m and 30,5m rolls. The loader itself has to be loaded with a bulk film roll in complete darkness. Once this is done you can load your cartridges in broad daylight together with the bulk film loader. As the loader itself is not that big it's possible to load it within a changing bag for maximum flexibility. From a 30,5 m bulk roll you can make approximately 18 (35mm) films with 36 frames. The loader is fitted with an adjustable frame counter so you can determine how many frames should be included in each film cassette. You can choose between 5 and 36 frames per cassette.  The device has an integrated remaining film indicator and allows you to note the ISO/ASA values of the film in the loader, so you know which film is currently loaded and how many rolls you still have left to make.

The bulk film cartridges are available separately.


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