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Foma Normal Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion - 250ml + Hardener - 4ml

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Foma Normal Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion is a fixed grade (3) liquid photo emulsion produced using state-of-the-art production technology. The liquid emulsion offers a wide range of medium contrast halftones and a neutral to slightly warm image tonality with most developers. The emulsion also has a high sensitivity due to the high silver content, which results in very short exposure times even on large areas. Thanks to its high coverage, the emulsion offers a high yield, between 3 to 6 square meters per kg of emulsion. On smooth surfaces, the application of only one coat is sufficient.

The emulsion can be applied to many types of materials such as wood, textiles, ceramics, metals, plastics and even suitable for coating on glass. Also included in the package is a bottle of hardener that must be added to the emulsion immediately when it is made up in hot water. Addition of the hardener improves the resistance of the emulsion on various surfaces.

Photographic emulsion is a silver-based light sensitive material that can be applied to any surface, exposed by an enlarger and be processed in conventional  black-and-white chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper but in a liquid form and allows the user to coat the emulsion on a wide range of (uncommon) surfaces for artistic purposes.

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1x Foma Normal Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion - 250ml, 1x Hardener - 4ml
Paper contrast
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