Moersch SE5 Lith Master Set - (2x500ml)

Moersch SE5 Lith Master Set - (2x500ml)

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Complete set designed for lith printing which can be mixed for use with around 20 different types of photographic paper. The image tone can be varied significantly by altering the dilution or by using the various additives. A full description of the processing method and how to finely control the final image and its appearance with different paper/developer combination with all the relevant processing data is included in the box.

A remarkable characteristic of SE5 is that the working solution can be kept for an unusually long time which is normally not the case at all with lith developers as they are exhausted very quickly. SE5, in contrast, can last for up to 10 hours in an open developing tray without the need for additional anti-oxidizing agents.

The Lith Master Set contains an additive which allows for more control over the lith effect – make it less profound or disabling it completely. In this case the solution acts as a pure brown tone developer.

Recommended dilutions 1+10 to 1+30.

Master Set: 1 litre (Part A 500 ml, Part B 500 ml + two additives) for 10-30 litres of working solution.

All parts of the Master Set and two other additives can be sold separately.

Product features

Package contents
1 x Moersch SE5 Lith Part A (500ml), 1 x Moersch SE5 Lith Part B (500ml), 2 x Moersch SE5 Lith Additive

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