Amaloco H10 Wetting Agent - 500ml

Amaloco H10 Wetting Agent - 500ml

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Amaloco H10 is a universal wetting agent for black-and-white films and photographic papers as well as for RA-4 color photo papers. In combination with film, H10 is mainly intended as a last rinsing bath after the actual film development, fixing bath and stop bath. The components of H10 ensure that the film remains free of drying stains and limescales during the drying process. The best result is obtained when H10 is used in combination with distilled water.

Amaloco H10 can also be used in combination with black-and-white/color photographic papers. Unlike black-and-white film, H10 should then be used as a first bath as it has the function of making the paper more flexible which benefits the absorbing rate of the active elements of the paper developer, fixer and stop bath.

Dilution: 5-10 ml per litre of (distilled) water.

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