Ornano (Bellini) Spiano A105 Curl Reducing Rinse Aid - 1L

Ornano (Bellini) Spiano A105 Curl Reducing Rinse Aid - 1L

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For several decades, the family business Ornano in Italy, but also abroad, was a well-known manufacturer of various photochemical products. With the rise of digital photography, the brand and with it the products slowly disappeared from the market. However, today Italy still has an important manufacturer of photochemistry with a long history, namely Bellini. A few years ago Bellini acquired all brand rights and chemical formulas of the Ornano products with the intention to breathe new life into them. Fortunately, because Ornano has brought a number of unique products on the market for which there is not always an alternative anymore.

This is no different with the Spiano A105. A liquid concentrate that can be used as a final rinsing bath for black-and-white photographic papers with a fiber base. Spiano A105 reduces the curl up of fiber-based photo papers during the drying process. An annoying feature of FB photo papers, that every analog photographer is confronted with. However, this rinse aid can save you time to flatten the paper regardless of whether you dry the paper with a machine dryer or not. To be clear, this rinse aid does not get the paper perfectly flat but it does significantly reduce curl up than if you didn't use it. The concentrate is less sensitive to oxidation than other photochemistry and will therefore last a long time if stored correctly.

Dilution 1+4 is recommended. When using a heated dryer, it is best to rinse the paper first in a bath of (demineralized) water.

With 1 liter of concentrate you can treat about 35 prints size 24x30.5 cm.

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1x Ornano (Bellini) Spiano A105 Curl Reducing Rinse Aid - 1L

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