Ornano Imbibente BB C 97 Wetting Agent - 100ml

Ornano Imbibente BB C 97 Wetting Agent - 100ml

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For several decades, the family business Ornano in Italy, but also abroad, was a well-known manufacturer of various photochemical products. With the rise of digital photography, the brand and with it the products slowly disappeared from the market. However, today Italy still has an important manufacturer of photochemistry with a long history, namely Bellini. A few years ago Bellini acquired all brand rights and chemical formulas of the Ornano products with the intention to breathe new life into them. Fortunately, because Ornano has brought a number of unique products on the market for which there is not always an alternative anymore.

Ornano Imbibente BB C 97 is a nonionic wetting agent which is mainly aimed at rinsing color negative film (C) but can also be used in combination with black-and-white negative film (BB). The advantage of a wetting agent is probably already known, it is used as a final rinsing bath and provides clean negatives without (dry) stains or other residues. A wetting agent in itself as a final rinsing bath such as Ilfotol or Photo-Flo, can only be used in combination with black-and-white film and is not suitable for color film. Certain bacteria in the concentrate would damage the protective layer of the colour negative. Therefore, the final rinsing bath of the C-41 development process usually consists of a stabilizer which, in addition to being a wetting agent, also acts as a means of dissolving certain bacteria that are harmful to the color negative.

However, the concentrate of Imbibente BB C 97 is formulated in such a way that it does not affect the color negative and leaves the protective layer intact. The formula of Imbibente BB C 97 is originally a stabilizer for Motion Picture Film but thanks to a number of adjustments it can be used as a final rinsing bath for all photographic and cinematographic color films. Therefore it is one of the only wetting agents that can be used in combination with color film without the need for a subsequent stabilizer bath. In addition, the wetting agent can also be used with negatives based on silver gelatin.

The concentrate is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Dilution: 1+99 (10ml per liter) for color negative film or 1+200 (5ml per liter) for black-and-white negative film.

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1x Ornano Imbibente BB C 97 Wetting Agent - 100ml

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