Tetenal Stabinal B&W Paper Stabilizer - 500ml

Tetenal Stabinal B&W Paper Stabilizer - 500ml

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Tetenal Stabinal is an image stabilizer for traditional black-and-white photographic papers and is recommend for those who pursue excellent archival permanence. 

Stabinal prevents undesirable oxidation of the silver image and protects against yellowish brown discoloration of the image caused by environmental effects. The original image tone of the photographic paper will therefore not be changed if you use Stabinal.

Stabinal has to be used as the final bath after rinsing the photographic paper. Prints have to be submerged in stabinal for approximately 60 seconds in order for the stabilizer to take full effect. It is recommend to agitate the developing tray slightly. Also take care that the prints are wiped before drying.

The stabinal concentrate as well as used solutions will keep virtually indefinitely in closed bottles.

Dilution: 1+19.

Yield: approx. 2 m² per liter ready solution.


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1x Tetenal Stabinal B&W Paper Stabilizer - 500ml
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