Adox Atomal 49 Film Developer - 5L

Adox Atomal 49 Film Developer - 5L

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Adox Atomal 49 (formerly known as Calbe A49) is an extra-fine grain compensating black-and-white film developer which offers excellent use of film speed and high contrast control. It is the ideal companion for high speed black-and-white films (optimal speed utilization and fine grain), for portraits and landscapes if you prefer smooth grey areas without too much acutance or as a universal film developer for all types of black-and-white films.

It especially suited for push processing and can be used with nearly every type of film, whatever the nominal speed. In case of underexposed films, developing times have to be extended to adjust the medium grey tones to a normal contrast. The rule of thumb for pushing film is multiplying the developing time with factor 1,33 (1 stop) or 1,77 (2 stops).

The powder can be mixed to make 1 liter of stock solution. The stock solution can be used to develop up to 10 films or be further diluted to use it as a single-shot developer. Dilution makes temperature control easier and as a single-use developer Atomal 49 delivers precise, repeatable results on each roll of film. Stock solutions can be kept in a fully filled air-tight container up to 6 weeks.

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